02 Aug

Huk Natural

Made from natural, fresh and pure ingredients vibrating with eternal Life force, Huk is formulated with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. Invoking the senses with efficient outcomes, our genuinely herbal products work wonderfully on all skin types.

A growing Brand that started its journey in 2012, today we sell across 5 countries with a milestone sale of over 2 million units in 2020.

With You All The Way

 Huk is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle which people embrace to look naturally beautiful. One does not get beautiful hair or skin overnight, it only comes by following a strict regimen where you spend time on taking care of yourself. Huk makes your journey simple, enjoyable and fruitful by providing natural formulations that work. Huk was created to provide result oriented natural products that satisfy the needs of every skin type. Our products are inspired from Ayurveda and formulated using the best ingredients from India and Europe. Today Huk is sold across the country in all major retail stores and used by over 10,000 beauty professionals in salons. Our products are also exported to more than 5 countries. Safe & Hygienic All our products are made taking care of all safety standards and hygiene. Your product is made and packed in a controlled environment which is fed with filtered air from air handling units. We do not use any harsh chemicals or products that can harm the skin in any way. All products are checked for PH Value and packed if passes the test. 

GMP Certified Own Manufacturing Unit

Sourcing constituents from nature's lap in India and Europe, we combine traditional knowledge and modern scientific process in a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. We are supported by a highly skilled and professional team including R & D experts who persistently work to bring innovative skin care solutions. Made and packed in safety and hygiene with GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certification, these carry Huk's promise of purity and high quality nourishing the skin to be radiant and beautiful!

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